The sun shines brightly off of IERC and WIlson Hall at dawn. The architect’s design concept for the roof of IERC to mimic the shape of Wilson Hall (rotated 90 degrees) is evident in the pond’s reflection.

This photo from December 2021 shows the window patterning of the PIP-II Cryogenic Plant Building at dawn. The window patterning is an abstraction of the helium spectrum to connect the architecture of the building to the function within, which uses helium as the cooling medium for the PIP-II cryomodules.

A woman with a black shirt looks concerned and holds a banana in one hand. To the right of her, an illustration of a sun-like object that says "The Solar Neutrino Problem" in the middle of it. An illustration of three bananas is in the right-hand corner. Different flavors of neutrinos appear to come out of the sun-like object. Two electron neutrinos are in dark brown, other neutrinos are light in shade.

Throw on your shades: Today on #EvenBananas, we’re looking at particles from the sun — and how trillions of them went missing. Join Fermilab scientist Kirsty Duffy to explore how an experiment using 100,000 gallons of dry cleaning fluid a mile underground led to one of the biggest mysteries in particle physics: the solar neutrino problem.