In this complimentary three-hour hands-on session with National Instruments, you will be able to understand key steps in system configuration, build example data acquisition applications using a variety of sensor types, including temperature, strain, vibration, and light. You will also familiarize yourself with automating measurement acquisition and signal processing. Space is limited. The session will be held at the Training Center, Rd. A-1, Computer Training Room from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. To register for this event, please visit

In this complimentary three-hour session you will see how to use LabVIEW to design custom monitoring and control systems with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), real-time operating systems, and analog I/O. You will learn how to develop LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA applications for better code reuse and easier debugging. You will also conduct hands-on exercises with NI CompactRIO, including data flow and parallelism and network communication. Space is limited. The session will be held at the Training Center, Rd. A-1,…

Tcl Programming

The Professional Development Office has scheduled a 2-day course in Tcl Programming. This course is designed to give you basic knowledge of the Tcl language and the ability to write Tcl programs. For more information and enrollment go to:

Are you interested in learning tips and tricks when designing your PowerPoint presentations? Do you want to be an Excel power user? Check out the Professional Development course schedule for more information about these upcoming courses at:

Courses on the Professional Development schedule for February include: -Excel 2013 Shortcuts – Feb 2 -Interpersonal Communication Skills – Feb 3 -Word 2013: Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Feb 9 -PowerPoint 2013: Tips & Tricks – Feb 16 -Excel 2013: Power User – Feb 23 For more information and enrollment go to:

With a new year comes new training and the ESH&Q Section has developed a ‘NEPA for Everyone’ training course that is an introduction to the National Environmental Policy Act and how we as a lab comply with this law. As the title states, this is labwide training for ‘everyone’ since we all need to have a basic awareness of this important requirement. The training is brief and should only take about ten minutes to complete. The training will be available…

You just received email saying that you need to complete an Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) and a Work Activities Analysis Form (WAAF) for an employee you supervise. How do you do that again?

This class is packed with information using Word. Learning these tips and shortcuts will enhance your ability to perform your tasks and create better looking documents. Learn to use Word’s Help System when you need more information about a particular subject. Find out what the EXTRA sections contain. Word has more features than you ever thought about using and with this class each feature becomes more useful to you in the workplace. Enroll at

This highly useful and informative class is for the educated PowerPoint users who are familiar with basic techniques. Let us help you to learn many new ways to work smarter, not harder using common PowerPoint features. Plenty of practice time and Question and Answer time is provided. Enroll at