Good morning

Mike McGee, AD, took this photo of a December sunrise near the AZero building.

A dash of red

Elliott McCrory, AD, took this photo of a berry from a bush in the woods just west of Wilson Hall.

This photo of Wilson Hall from the parking lot just north of the Linac enclosure, taken by Alex Waller, AD, offers a different perspective of fall at Fermilab.

TD’s Alexey Naumov spotted this flowering tree on the left side of the road while driving from the east Fermilab site entrance. Photo: Alexey Naumov.

Icy fog settled on the laboratory. The image was taken on Dec. 29, 2010, from the 14th floor of Wilson Hall. Photo: Tom Fitzpatrick, PPD

Winter wonder

TD’s Tom Nicol took this photo of the pond behind the Technical Division industrial complex during the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 29.