With the arrival of December and colder weather, this is a good time to review how the laboratory plans for and communicates about emergency closing, delayed opening or early dismissal of the Batavia site due to winter weather conditions. All employees should refer to the newly revised Emergency Closing Policy. If you haven’t already, talk with your supervisor to determine if telecommuting is an option in the event of dangerous weather. If it is and you have not already completed a lab…

The laboratory is open for business today, however there may be challenging travel conditions on your commute to work. You are encouraged to exercise caution on your drive to work. Employees who arrive late due to longer than normal commutes may refer to the Inclement Weather and Snow Policy for use of “Weather Diff” to account for late arrivals.

Fermilab, including the Day Care Center, will be open today, business as usual. Be sure to exercise caution when traveling to and around the lab, as conditions may be slick in some areas.

Based on the severe cold and dangerous subzero temperatures predicted for tomorrow night and Wednesday, you are encouraged to telecommute on Wednesday after checking with your supervisor. Fermilab will remain open. 

Over the next week the weather temperatures will vary greatly, with warmer days above freezing and colder at night, to produce ice and slippery conditions when moisture is present, especially early mornings. Please watch your walking and driving surfaces and watch this safety video.