Tim Meyer

On the occasion of Bob Kephart’s retirement, we announce a new leader for Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC) as the program graduates to a new era.

In the 1990s, Tim Meyer was a summer research student at Fermilab. He recalls how he called the lab with a critical, career-cementing question before his first day of work.

In his famous play “Romeo and Juliet,” Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” At Fermilab, we have many such roses that are also just as sweet: our employees, users, visitors, guests and the public. They go by different names, but all are vital to the laboratory.

While we have no plans to change Fermilab’s open culture and welcoming atmosphere, we do need to gain a better understanding about who should and does have access to certain areas of the lab and how the lab manages those situations.

Staff who work in the Chief Operating Officer organization gathered in Ramsey Auditorium for our periodic “what’s happening at the lab” meeting. Since I gave the guest speakers a limit of five slides and 60 seconds each to present them, here are my five “top takeaways.”