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Fermilab’s Office of Communication serves as the link between the laboratory and the local and worldwide communities. If you’re a member of the media or the public and have a question about news and public events at the laboratory, please get in touch with us.

General contact

Phone: 630-840-3351
Fax: 630-840-8780
Media inquiries:
General inquiries:

Office of Communication
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
PO Box 500
MS 206
Batavia IL 60510-5011

Head, Office of Communication

Christopher Beard, 630-840-4112

Deputy Head, Office of Communication
Community relations

Kurt Riesselmann, 630-840-5681

Media relations

Andre Salles, 630-840-6733

Creative Services

Reidar Hahn, 630-840-3349

Internal communication

Deb Sebastian, 630-840-5678


Leah Hesla, 630-840-5136

Social media

Lauren Biron, 630-840-2326

US LHC communication at CERN

Sarah Charley, 630-338-3034, +41-22-76-63750

Request a speaker for your event

Submit your request, or call 630-840-3351

Arts and Lecture Series Box Office

Kim Mazur, 630-840-2787

Fermilab Art Gallery

Georgia Schwender, 630-840-6825

Symmetry magazine

Kathryn Jepsen, 650-926-5379