Fermilab is America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory. Our vision is to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time for the benefit of all.

Four December 2018 DOE Graduate Student Research fellowships

In December 2018, four students received the prestigious Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research fellowships to conduct their research at Fermilab. The goal of the program is to prepare graduate students for STEM careers critically important to the Office of Science mission by providing graduate thesis research opportunities at DOE laboratories.

One minute with Rakshya Khatiwada, research associate

Rakshya Khatiwada is an experimental astrophysicist at Fermilab working on dark matter searches and quantum science. When she’s not developing the newest detectors to look for dark matter, Khatiwada makes a point to engage with the next generation of scientists through informal lunches, talks and webinars.

From physics to data science

Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move.

In photos: Middle schoolers visit Fermilab Latina STEM conference

Earlier this month, 56 Latina girls from the local area converged at Fermilab to hear from STEM professionals about what it’s like to work in a science-based field. Members of the Fermilab community chatted with the girls, inspiring them to consider a future in STEM.

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Fermilab in the news

From KOTA TV, May 20, 2019: Fermilab’s Patrick Weber and Sanford Lab’s Mike Headley talk with the South Dakota news program about the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility in this 3-minute segment.

From Construction Equipment Guide, May 15, 2019: Fermilab’s Chris Mossey and Doug Pelletier talk about the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, hosted by Fermilab, and the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility, much of which will be built in the extensive maze of caverns at the former Homestake gold mine in South Dakota’s beautiful Black Hills. The site is being transformed into a laboratory designed to unlock the mysteries of some of the smallest particles in the universe, neutrinos.

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