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No Shoemobile Aug. 8

Please note that the shoemobile will be unavailable on Tuesday, August 8th.  It will return on Tuesday, August 15.

Whether answering questions from management, participating in project weekly status meetings, or providing guidance to our task managers, one question that is always asked is, “What kind of safety issues or trends are we seeing on our construction sites?”

Fermilab’s mission requires the use of pressurized systems. These systems vary widely in purpose and design, but they always require the use of a pressure relief device.

I have two adult female cats who are very sweet, but my daughter was recently found to be allergic to cats.  Looking to find them each a good home (they can be separated).  Each is approximately 5 years old.  They have all their claws.  Shots are up-to-date, both are in good health.  Black cat (Eva) is skittish around small children, but has never been aggressive. She is a very vocal cat who loves attention.  White w/ spots cat (Millie) is a great…

We have many devices built into cryogenics systems to help with diagnosing problems, monitoring operations, as well as checking the system’s condition to be able to perform maintenance safely.

Kelly Sedgwick manages and oversees the maintenance of Technical Division Industrial Building Complex and serves as construction coordinator and task manager for all of the Technical Division.

At Fermilab, the Industrial Hygiene Group uses the process of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control to identify potential hazards in the workplace.