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After 46 years as a driver, Carl Wheeler retired from Fermilab on April 16. Carl was hired on August 4th, 1975, after serving in the United States Army and is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Carl started in Business Services, working for 22 years as a B driver and 24 years as an A Driver. Many of the longtime employees of Fermilab know Carl as “442”. This was Carl’s nickname because of the Oldsmobile 442 he used to drive…

The Distribution and Vehicle Maintenance departments will be closed during the winter break from Dec. 28th, 2020, to Jan. 3, 2021. Emergency service will be available by calling/contacting Brian Niesman at or 630.840.6399. Routine services will resume on Jan. 4, 2021. Please plan accordingly.

Starting June 3, FESS and Global Services will pilot a taxi and shuttle program that will balance the needs of all laboratory personnel. The pilot will run from June 3 to Aug. 2. This entails new morning and afternoon routes that will affect the current taxi service operation. Read on to view the taxi pickup schedule.