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The Philosophy Society presents a summary and open discussion of “Philosophy of Mind” on Friday, Feb. 28, at noon in WH4NW. After a summary by Danielle (~30min), there will be time for discussion. Those who prepare a slide or two will get priority to speak after Danielle. Everyone is welcome. Please bring your lunch.

The central issue in Philosophy of Mind is the Mind-Body problem: How can something like the material brain produce something like the non-material mind?  And how can they interact with each other?  In this presentation we will survey some of the different positions people take in regards to the mind-body problem and discuss some objections to each. Dr. Johnson received a MA and PhD in Social/Organizational-Industrial Psychology and a MA in Communication from Northern Illinois University.  She received a B.S….

After 15 minutes of Jim’s summary, we’ll discuss the main problem. Those who send 1-2 slides to will have a privilege to speak first with questions and comments. Jim will have a privilege to answer. After that, everybody will be invited to ask questions of Jim. When the questions are exhausted, it will be time for the comments. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch.

A dive into cosmology, encountering the vast amounts we do and do not know about the universe, and provoking some discussion of philosophy from a natural perspective. The talk will be not more than an hour, but the following discussion may take like 30 minutes more. You may come and go any time. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch. Due to the construction work, it is recommended to park your car near the Lederman Center, 4…

The talk is focused on philosophical problems of legal positivism and the search for law’s authority. It examines Kelsen’s claim that all such Protagorean man-as-the measure-of-all-things approaches must be based on fiction, self-contradictions, and false presuppositions. It argues that Kelsen is correct. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch.  

In my talk on this book, I make a focus on what I see as philosophically significant aspects of it, stressing and commenting them. The first part of the talk (actually ~2/3 of it) was given Mar 29, and I will finish it Apr 12. I’ll need about 30min to remind the part 1 and to finish the talk, and the rest 30min will remain fo the open discussion. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch. The…