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Changes to personal banking can have an impact on your paycheck and also your expense reimbursements (e.g. internet reimbursement). The timing of a banking change, particularly an account closure, can determine whether or not your paycheck is deposited properly. Please be aware that payroll is processed several days before payday, and in the event of an account closure, we are unable to stop payments in process. The result is a bank rejection, and reissue of payment, which can take several…

2021 Floating holiday

The 2021 floating holiday will not be available in Kronos for entry on your January timecards. You will be able to select it beginning Feb. 1. If you plan to use it in January, please e-mail and the floating holiday hours will be manually set up for your use.

Employees are required to enter their timecards in advance, please take note. Timecards for Dec. 14-20 are due on Wednesday, Dec. 16 Timecards for Dec. 21-27 are due on Monday, Dec. 21. Any corrections should be e-mailed to Reach out to your Payroll team, for your Payroll related questions at

Have you moved? Is your contact information up to date? In anticipation of preparing and mailing year end W-2s, it is important that your mailing address is current in FermiWorks. Please verify today, and make any necessary changes now. Don’t delay.

My Ford Focus was parked (near this photo in front of Wilson Hall) on Wednesday, Jan. 22, before 5 p.m. The car that accidentally hit it has front left damage, and my car has rear right damage. Accidents happen, I understand.  Please contact me. Call or text 630-404-1580. Thank you.

The IRS released an updated Withholding Calculator. The IRS encourages everyone to use the Withholding Calculator to perform a quick “paycheck checkup.”  This is even more important this year because of recent changes to the tax law for 2018. They are encouraging taxpayers to check their withholding, especially: – Families with two incomes. – People who hold down two or more jobs during a year at the same time or only work for part of the year. – People who…