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The Illinois Department of Labor increased minimum wage as follows in 2020: $9.25/hour effective 1/1/2020 $10.00/hour effective 7/1/2020 2020 seasonal hiring rates and updated on-call rates are located on the Compensation/Pay Rates website for positions with a seasonal or on-call job profile. These seasonal rates do not include internships that are part of a formal program. The Illinois minimum wage will continue to increase annually from 2021 through 2025.  As such, the seasonal and on-call pay rates are expected to…

FY20 goal setting discussions with employees and managers should be in process or complete. On Monday 10/28, all eligible employees will receive a FermiWorks inbox item to document the goals set during those discussions. View this memo on the FermiWorks homepage for more information and instructions. Due date is 12/31/2019.

Fermilab received a “Breastfeeding Friendly Employers of Kane County” Gold Level recognition. Breastfeeding mothers and employees throughout Kane County nominated workplaces that they believed to be breastfeeding friendly. Fermilab strives to support working parents in balancing professional and family life; providing resources for breastfeeding employees is just one of those efforts. Please reach out to your HR partner if you have suggestions for continued enhancements to the lab’s work-life balance initiatives.