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AEM Summer Schedule

All Experimenters Meetings Summer Schedule During the summer shutdown the All Experimenters Meetings (AEMs) will be held once per month. The next meeting will be on Monday September 12. The October meeting will be on Monday Oct. 10.

Latest Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee (PAC) report posted The latest report is now available from the committee that advises the laboratory Director on the direction of the laboratory’s future experiments and programs. The charge to the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee and its recommendations can be found on the PAC Web page []. The Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee met from June 19-21 to look at the planned evolution of the laboratory program and consider new initiatives. The results of that meeting…

The Physics Advisory Committee has considered the future neutrino program (LBNF/DUNE and the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program), NOvA, MicroBooNE, MINOS+, US-CMS, the Scientific Computing Division status and vision, and the theory strategic plan.