Tim Houston

Human Performance Improvement is an often-misunderstood tool that organizations can use to make fundamental improvements in their processes. In the decade HPI has been active at Fermilab, countless individuals have applied its techniques to identify and correct issues within their projects and programs. Joe Pygott is one of them.

Senior Patent Licensing Executive Aaron Sauers brings a unique perspective to his role as the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer’s intellectual property manager. Aaron is an inventor himself and knows the challenges  — and opportunities  — the patent process can present.

Human Performance Improvement is a powerful tool that organizations can use to make fundamental process improvements. Since its implementation at Fermilab over 10 years ago, the HPI program has become an integral part of the lab’s efforts to review incidents for corrective actions and to identify why these incidents happened and any organizational weaknesses that contributed.

Any Fermilab employee who has received a SPOT Award from a colleague or supervisor knows what a thrill it is to be recognized. Starting today, that thrill gets even better, as the SPOT Award program now offers a new enhancement that makes it even more meaningful and useful to receive.

Since 2010, the African School of Fundamental Physics has been improving the quality of science education in Africa by increasing the number of African students who pursue higher education. Serving as an ASP mentor is a great way for Fermilab scientists and engineers to show their support for the organization’s efforts.

We all share responsibility for ensuring the culture and climate at Fermilab are inclusive and equitable. Since mid-2020, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force has put that collective accountability into action by championing employee EDI concerns and working with leadership on solutions.

The no-meetings pilot was launched in June to help Fermilab employees manage their time and energies more effectively. The program will continue, thanks to positive feedback received through an employee survey.