The Environmental Protection Group is looking for help from the kids of Fermilab employees with the design of this year’s Earth Day Fair poster.  We are looking for your kids that are 12 and under to put their artistic talents to use by creating a poster design that demonstrates what Earth Day means to them.  Designs should be made on a regular 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, any color.  The kids are welcome to create their designs using… More »

Holly Lett, WDRS, is the winner of the recent contest to name the 2nd floor point conference room in the IARC building. The name of that room is now Apex. Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion!

It’s that time again! Fermilab badge holders have another chance to propose a name for an IARC conference room.  This time, it is the second-floor southeast conference room (duplicate of the 3rd Floor “Floating Point), which seats 15 and has an uncharacteristic narrow, pointed shape (see picture). IARC’s mission is to advance accelerator technology, so the name should be related to accelerators, entrepreneurial endeavors, industrial activities, innovation, inventions, patents, or new ideas. As mentioned, this contest is open to all… More »

For the fifth anniversary of the Higgs boson announcement, CERN is collecting Higgs stories: Where were you and what were you doing when the discovery was announced? The best stories will be published on CERN’s website on July 4. Consider submitting one. Fermilab represent!

After reviewing hundreds of questions submitted by children from around the world, the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University has announced the question issued to scientists for The Flame Challenge 2017 – What is Energy? Entries are due by Feb. 3, 2017. An international contest now in its sixth year, the Flame Challenge is judged by 11-year-olds around the world, challenging scientists at every level – from graduate students to senior researchers – to answer and communicate… More »

Due to low submission count, we’re extending the contest another month. Deadline to enter is Thursday, December 31. A big thank you to those who have already submitted, and good luck!

Jenny Thorson, FESS, is the winner of the recent contest to name a meeting room in the PIP-II office suite. The name of the conference room is now Innovare, an Italian word meaning “to innovate, to reform, to change.” It’s time to name a fourth meeting room in the IARC building. See the picture above. The name should reflect invention and innovation. The contest is open to Fermilab badge holders. The deadline for submissions is Monday, Nov. 30. The winner… More »