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DUNE explained

The Black Hills Pioneer covers what is DUNE and why is it important in a special section covering underground science in the Black Hills region. Starting on page 11, an interview with DUNE Physics Coordinator, Chris Marshall, discusses how the project will work and the science of DUNE.

The Chicago Quantum Exchange and the FBI’s Chicago office recently hosted leaders from industry, government and academia at Fermilab to build communication channels. The first-of-its-kind symposium between law enforcement and technology developers aims to create a national model for cooperation between the quantum ecosystem and the government agencies to protect the nation and its assets.

What happens to old scientific instruments?

Learn what happens to lab equipment that is no longer used and how Fermilab donates instruments to universities to extend equipment usage.

Congratulations to Anna Grassellino who is among the winners of the women’s Oscar, the Marisa Bellisario Award, dedicated to “Women who make the difference”. She will be awarded the international prize for her the role for leading the SQMS Center at Fermilab.

Fermilab welcomes 2024 baby bison

Naperville News 17 reports on the new baby bison that arrived this spring at Fermilab. Just outside of Naperville, Fermilab has a growing herd of over 40 bison and two bulls that roam the campus’ prairie land.

Over the course of three years, scientists working on MINERvA recorded more than a million interactions of antineutrinos with other particles. This data allowed scientists to finally calculate the proton’s size using neutrinos, making this a statistically significant measurement of this characteristic.