Fermilab is America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory. Our vision is to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time for the benefit of all.

Physics footage from a Monkee

1970s video footage recorded by musician Micky Dolenz when he visited the then-nascent Fermilab is now available on YouTube.

Gravitational lenses

Predicted by Einstein and discovered in 1979, gravitational lensing helps astrophysicists understand the evolving shape of the universe.

From GED to PhD

Physicist Kira Burt dropped out of school at 16. Now she teaches students that anyone can be a scientist.

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Fermilab in the news

From WDCB’s First Light, Nov. 11, 2018: On the surface, it may seem a little strange for a high level research center to turn to the veteran community as a resource for new workers. For Fermilab, it’s been a perfect match. Listen to the 11-minute segment.

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