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India formally begins construction phase for contributions to Fermilab’s new particle accelerator

India’s Department of Atomic Energy is making a $140 million in-kind contribution to the PIP-II accelerator under construction at Fermilab. Indian institutions will provide a number of technical components for the new machine. The collaboration provides Indian scientists the training, technical insight and know-how for the development of their domestic particle accelerator program.

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Recent research on muons reveals inconsistencies between observed magnetic behaviors and theoretical predictions, hinting the potential discovery of new physical phenomena or the need to update quantum mechanics theories.

Mischa Zupko, the 2024 guest composer at Fermilab, will work with Fermilab scientists to create musical interpretations of projects like the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. He will use actual mathematical models to create his compositions and plans to use the scientific model as the basis for the music.

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