Fermilab Director Michael Witherell is the Keynote Speaker for SciTech’s Annual Dinner, March 3, at White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville

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BATAVIA, Ill.–Director Michael Witherell of Fermilab, poised for new explorations on the high-energy physics frontier as Collider Run II of the Tevatron begins, is the keynote speaker for SciTech’s 2001 Annual Dinner on Saturday, March 3 at the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville.

Witherell is uniquely qualified to address the theme of the evening, “A Celebration of Science in the New Millennium.” The world science spotlight is trained on Fermilab’s search for new particles, including the Higgs boson, which is expected to offer important clues to the origin of mass. The lab has been preparing almost a decade for the new experimental run, adding the new Main Injector accelerator while virtually reinventing its two massive particle detectors, CDF and DZero.

The evening’s activities, including dinner and a silent auction, begin at 6 p.m. SciTech’s annual dinner attracts an array of scientists, policy makers and business and community leaders. Tickets are $60, and are available by calling SciTech (630-859-3434) or event coordinator Diane Moreau (630-978-4826). Ms. Moreau is Director of Volunteer Services at Rush-Copley Medical Center, and a member of SciTech’s Board of Directors.

SciTech, the interactive science museum in Aurora, is celebrating the successes of 2000, including the new Outdoor Science Park, and the exhibits Backyard Monsters and Glass Fest. In 2001, SciTech offers cutting edge interactive exhibits and educational programs, such as Amusement Park Science, and T-Rex King, of the Dinosaurs. Visit SciTech on the web.

White Eagle Golf Club is located at 3400 Club Drive in Naperville. For directions, call the club at 630-355-6282.

Fermilab is a Department of Energy national laboratory operated under contract by Universities Research Association, Inc.

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