Dr. Ronen Mir discusses “Science Museums for International Understanding,” free talk open to public at Aspen School District Theater, 8 p.m., Tuesday, July 10

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SNOWMASS VILLAGE–Scientists apply their considerable skills every day to understanding the world around us. But can those skills also be applied to achieving understanding among the people of that often-troubled world—and in one of the most troubled areas of that world?

Internationally renowned museum director Ronen Mir has been part of an American- Israeli-Palestinian effort to establish the first Palestinian science museum in Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem. Mir, the executive director of SciTech Hands-On Museum in Aurora, Illinois, discusses his experiences, and his approach to communicating science and promoting human understanding, in “Science Museums for International Understanding.”

The free talk, open to the public, will be held on Tuesday, July 10 at the Aspen School District Theater on High School Road in Aspen. The talk is a public event of Snowmass 2001: A Summer Study on the Future of Particle Physics, held at the Snowmass Conference Center from June 30 to July 21.

The Al Quds Science Museum is being developed by Al Quds Open University of Jerusalem, the Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem, and SciTech. Mir says the project is proceeding slowly because of the heightened tensions in the area, but the partners in development remain optimistic for its future.

Mir will also discuss his approach to science communication as exemplified by SciTech’s innovative Outdoor Science Park and international collaborations. Many of SciTech’s exhibits are on display during Science Weekend at the Snowmass Mall, Saturday and Sunday, July 7-8. SciTech was established by scientists from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory.

Before joining SciTech, Mir designed a unique hands-on outdoor science center, the Clore Garden of Science, in Israel. He was also curator of the “What is the Universe?” exhibit on physics research at Israel’s famed Weizman Institute of Science.

“The public understanding of science is a great challenge to scientists, legislators and the media, as well as the public,” Mir says. “The talk will address these issues, highlighting SciTech’s approach in creating an outdoor science park and forging collaborations to advance Science Education and international understanding.”

For more information on SciTech: http://scitech.mus.il.us

Snowmass 2001: A Summer Study on the Future of Particle Physics represents a unique opportunity to gain new insights into the world around us, and to meet the people behind the ideas of our future direction. For more information on Snowmass 2001: http://snowmass2001.org

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