Estia Eichten wins 2018 Humboldt Award

Estia Eichten

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded Fermilab scientist Estia Eichten a Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award.

The award, amounting to approximately $73,000, is granted in recognition of Eichten’s past accomplishments in research and teaching and enables Eichten to undertake a prolonged period of research in collaboration with colleagues in Germany. He will visit Germany from 2019-20.

Stimulated by experimental discoveries of mesons (including X(3872), Y(4260) and Zb+(10610)) and baryons with heavy quarks that do not fit into the usual quark model framework, there has been renewed theoretical interest in disentangling the full spectrum of low-lying QCD states. During Eichten’s time as a Humboldt Award recipient, he intends to continue to study the systematics of such systems involving heavy quarks. The widths, production and decay modes of hybrid and tetraquark states are of particular interest.