When planning work, it is important to consider all aspects of the activity. Something that can easily be missed is loose objects that may be hanging from the body, such as clothing, hair, tools, lanyards, and so on. Remember to take this into consideration when working around moving or rotating parts, electrical equipment, tech shops, climbing ladders, confined spaces and many more. If you use a lanyard to hold your Fermilab identification you are required to have a breakaway lanyard….

Mind the ice

We know that some Fermilab folks enjoy skating on the pond in front of Wilson Hall after it ices over. It’s fine to skate on the ice, but be safe when doing so. Here are some tips to help you judge whether or not an iced over pond near you is safe for recreational activity.

As a best practice, Fermilab is updating the tags used for lockout/tagout and configuration control. In addition, four types of configuration control tags are now available, with the appropriate wording and color for the degree of hazard.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, from approximately 9 p.m. to midnight, Fermilab and the Kane County Sheriff’s Office will conduct live-gunfire tests of Fermilab’s on-site gunfire detection system. These tests will be conducted safely, using bullet traps – no live rounds will be fired into the air or into the ground, and there will be no danger to the public or wildlife. However, the sound of gunfire may be heard in neighborhoods near Fermilab on Thursday evening.