Meet the Fermilab Director: Pier Oddone at Ask-a-Scientist program on Sunday, August 7

Media contact
  • Kurt Riesselmann, Fermilab Office of Communication,, 630-840-3351

Batavia—Fermilab Director Pier Oddone, who took office on July 1, will be the guest speaker at the lab’s Ask-a-Scientist program on Sunday, August 7, at 1 p.m. Now in its third year, the monthly program gives lab visitors the chance to meet scientists and to ask them questions ranging from “Who was Fermi?” to “What is antimatter?”

The two-hour program takes place in Fermilab’s Wilson Hall. In addition to the talk by Oddone, participants will have a chance to tour the Fermilab accelerator complex and to visit the popular 15th-floor viewing area.

Participation in the program is limited to 150 people. The program is free of charge, and registration is required by Friday, August 5. To register, visitors need to call 630-840-5588 during business hours. The minimum age for participation is 10 years.

On September 11, the Ask-a-Scientist program will feature Chris White, particle physicist and professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In honor of the World Year of Physics, his talk will focus on the life of Albert Einstein and his scientific legacy. The year 2005 marks the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s revolutionary papers on quantum theory, special relativity, and the random motion of molecules in a gas.

Fermilab is a national laboratory funded by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy, operated by Universities Research Association, Inc.