CDF, DZero experiments presented with prestigious European Physics Society prize

On July 15 in Ghent, Belgium, the European Physical Society formally presented the CDF and DZero collaborations with the 2019 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize “for the discovery of the top quark and the detailed measurement of its properties.”

Three of the four experiment co-spokespersons accepted the award on behalf of the collaborations at the biannual EPS conference. A number of CDF and DZero physicists were in attendance.

EPS awards the prize every two years to one or more persons or to collaborations for an outstanding contribution to high-energy and particle physics in an experimental, theoretical or technological area.

Read more about CDF and DZero’s award.

CDF and DZero collaborators attended the award ceremony. Photo courtesy of EPS Conference

From left: EPS Chair of High Energy and Particle Physics Barbara Erazmus, CDF co-spokesperson Giorgio Chiarelli, DZero co-spokesperson Paul Grannis, DZero co-spokesperson Dmitri Denisov. Not pictured: CDF co-spokesperson David Toback. Photo courtesy of EPS Conference