Paul Czarapata

In the middle of the summer of 1976 a newly minted physicist came to Fermilab. No one could have guessed what his diverse interests, capabilities and perseverance would develop into at the laboratory. Peter Garbincius, a.k.a. “Peter G,” served in numerous leadership roles and served in multiple experiments during his time at the lab. He also organized the Ask-a-Scientist program to help Fermilab visitors understand the world-class science that goes on in their neighborhood.

It was 1972, and the Meson Lab was just working on its first beam transport. As I sat and fiddled with the MAC-16 control computer to see what it would do, I looked up to see a gentleman walking towards me wearing a beret and wearing a top coat.

I was about to leave one of the lab’s service buildings when in came someone like a streak of lightning.

Fermilab has begun demolishing selected Main Ring service buildings, providing a path to build new facilities to match the needs of a future machine.