Up to 90 percent of journal literature in the field of high-energy physics is published through open access (since January 2018), but free and open access to the papers is not enough for Open Science. Research data, code and documentation each play a part in increasing the transparency and reusability of research output. How does the HEP community feel about the openness of these “nontraditional” research outputs? How about the data and code sharing practices and tools? Chip in to…

From the INSPIRE blog, Jan. 23, 2017: INSPIRE’s list of the 40 most highly cited papers during 2016 is out, and five are Fermilab papers. The number goes up if you include CMS papers. Have a look in this blog post by Fermilab’s Heath O’Connell and SLAC’s Michael Peskin.

A top 10 paper claim

The paper “PYTHIA 6.4 Physics Manual,” published in 2006 by scientists at Lund University and Fermilab, has made it into the top 10 most highly cited papers in the INSPIRE high-energy physics literature database.