50th anniversary

Fermilab’s first Latin American scientists came to the lab in 1983, when four researchers from Brazil traveled across the equator to work on experiment E691. Carlos Escobar was one of them. It was the beginning of a collaboration spurred by a bold proposition by Director Leon Lederman.

March through DIFF

Remember Pi Day? Or that really windy day when all was atilt? Even if you don’t, you can revisit those days through photos.

We’re a quarter of the way through our 50th-anniversary year, and many of you have documented it by taking photos of people and places at the lab as part of DIFF: the Daily Image From Fermilab. If you haven’t submitted a photo for DIFF, try it out! It’s fun. All you need is a mobile phone. Take a picture of someone or something and submit it at http://diff.fnal.gov/! Let us see what goes on in your corner of the lab…. More »

Plans for a new accelerator laboratory began in April 1963. Subsequent Aprils brought the completion of the Central Laboratory Building and the installation of the final Main Ring magnet.

Marge Bardeen, educator and former head of the Fermilab Education Office, tells the story of how a number of dedicated people started the lab’s first education initiatives.

Accelerator operators found themselves stuck at Fermilab when a fierce snowstorm hit in February 2011. Cindy Joe tells the story of how Fermilab staff rallied through the night while they waited out the blizzard.