50th anniversary

In the 1990s, Tim Meyer was a summer research student at Fermilab. He recalls how he called the lab with a critical, career-cementing question before his first day of work.

After World War II, physicists developed proton accelerators to understand matter and forces on a subnuclear scale. Rival proposals to build a giant machine on the east or west coasts lost out to a proposal by Bob Wilson for a cheaper design at a new laboratory in the Midwest.

Road trip

Anxious for the safe arrival of the long-awaited vessel that would house the MicroBooNE particle detector, scientists Bonnie Fleming and Gina Rameika decide not to sit around and wait for it. Instead, they get in a car and head into neighboring towns to look for a big, school-bus-sized object being hauled by a truck.

Fermilab artist Angela Gonzales was not only a visionary who helped create the visually striking laboratory environment many know today, but she was also a warm, kind-hearted spirit whose friendship meant a great deal to laboratory archivist and historian Adrienne Kolb.