50th anniversary

Marge Bardeen, educator and former head of the Fermilab Education Office, tells the story of how a number of people dedicated to science education started the lab’s first education initiatives.

Accelerator operators found themselves stuck at Fermilab when a fierce snowstorm hit in February 2011. Cindy Joe tells the story of how Fermilab staff rallied through the night while they waited out the blizzard.

February is the shortest month, but there was no shortage of February photos taken as part of the Daily Image From Fermilab, or DIFF. What was the DIFF in February?

In the 1980s I’d joined the NAL Recreation Committee, or NALREC. We’d host picnics in the Village and bring out the dunk tank.

In March, Fermilab saw the installation of its final Tevatron magnet, the start of MINOS and Tevatron Run II operations, and the groundbreaking for the Main Injector. Read on for more March milestones.

In the 1970s, Fermilab scientist Herman White presented Director Leon Lederman with an idea for a program for summer students, one that has become a mainstay of Fermilab summers.