Send Fermilab a birthday message


This photo of former director Leon Lederman celebrating his 80th birthday sums up our own birthday excitement.

As we hope you’ve heard, this year Fermilab is celebrating its 50th anniversary! We’re reaching out to friends, partners, employees past and present, and fans around the world to help us celebrate on June 15, the lab’s 50th birthday. We hope you’ll join us in wishing Fermilab a happy birthday. There are several ways to do this:

1) You can write your own message and share it on social media on June 15. Have fun! Share a picture of yourself at the lab, a gif, a video greeting with friends, a sign, or anything else you can think of. Use #Fermilabs50th or #HappyBirthdayFermilab so we can find and share your post – and so we can send one of our fans a 50th anniversary prize.

2) To make things extra simple, we’ve also set up a Thunderclap, which will automate posting a happy birthday message on June 15. Just sign up for the Thunderclap on Facebook or Twitter and this program takes care of the rest. (One note: this does ask for permission to post to your social media account, but will only use that access to post the “Happy birthday Fermilab” message, and nothing else.)

3) If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider sending us some actual mail! We’re collecting birthday cards and will put them on display in the Wilson Hall atrium during our June 15 celebration at the lab. We’ll also share them on social media. You can mail cards to:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
PO Box 500, MS 206
Batavia, Illinois 60510

Include your return address on your card’s envelope – we’ll be sending one lucky supporter a 50th anniversary prize.

4) Don’t forget to check Fermilab’s social media channels on June 15 for some fun surprises!

However you choose to celebrate, thank you for supporting the lab and for helping us make it a great 50 years. We look forward to the next 50 years of discovery and innovation!