Luisella Lari receives DOE Project Leadership Institute award

Fermilab’s Luisella Lari was one of the members of the winning PLI Capstone Project team.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Project Leadership Institute has awarded Fermilab’s Luisella Lari a 2018 PLI Capstone Project Award. Lari is a member of the senior management team for the Fermilab PIP-II Project.

The Project Leadership Institute is designed to cultivate a diverse network of successful DOE project delivery practitioners capable of delivering major high-risk projects. Every year, 20 to 25 individuals from DOE national laboratories, program offices, and site offices participate in an intensive year-long leadership development program designed to cultivate the skills essential to effective delivery of high-risk projects.

Starting on the first day of the program, participants are divided into PLI Capstone Project teams, who work throughout the year to apply core PLI concepts to a case study analysis.  The 2018 case studies explored the $3.5 billion National Ignition Facility Project at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which spanned 1996 to 2009.  A total of five teams, each composed of four to five PLI participants, competed for the Capstone Project Award in 2018.

Lari was part of the 2018 winning team, along with Keith Orr of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lanson Oukrop of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandra Rogan of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Justin Whitt of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The award plaque is displayed in each of the winning participants’ laboratories, after which it is permanently displayed in DOE headquarters in Germantown, Maryland. Their award citation states that their “analysis, case study and presentation were judged best among all the PLI teams. The case studies will stand as a contribution to the DOE project management community.”

In September, Fermilab will host one of the five one-week in-person instructional sessions that make up the 2019 PLI program.