Hector Carranza Jr. of the University of Texas at Arlington has received the prestigious Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research award, or SCGSR, to conduct his research at Fermilab. DOE awarded the fellowship to 62 students from U.S. universities. He will work on light-mass dark matter searches at the ICARUS neutrino experiment.

From DOE, Dec. 9, 2019: Fermilab scientist Josh Frieman writes about the search for the nature of dark energy at the national laboratories and how the Office of Science’s High Energy Physics program has been at the vanguard of a number of cosmic surveys.

From DOE, Dec. 2, 2019: in a bipartisan vote of 70-15, the United States Senate confirmed Dan Brouillette to be the 15th U.S. secretary of energy. An official swearing in will take place at a later date. Prior to confirmation, Acting Secretary Brouillette served as the deputy secretary of energy under Secretary Rick Perry.

In their ongoing search for the mysterious dark matter that makes up 85% of our universe, the particle physics community turns its sights to particles of low mass. The Department of Energy announced that it is providing funding for two Fermilab initiatives to develop experimental designs for experiments that will be highly sensitive to the smallest particles of dark matter. Following the development of the experimental designs, the next phase of funding will be subject to additional reviews and approval.

From DOE, Sept. 6, 2019: U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announces the establishment of the DOE Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office. The secretary has established the office to serve as the coordinating hub for the work being done across the DOE enterprise in artificial intelligence. This action has been taken as part of the President’s call for a national AI strategy to ensure AI technologies are developed to positively impact the lives of Americans.