top quark

The hunt for the top quark at Fermilab was heating up in 1994 when scientist Mike Albrow and his colleagues on the CDF experiment felt they were close to cornering the last, undiscovered member of the quark family. Albrow tells the story leading to the discovery of the particle by CDF and DZero.

You’ve got your pole masses, and you’ve got your MC masses. DZero recently measured the top quark’s pole mass. Read on to learn the difference.

Bigger is better

One of the first CMS papers for publication using data recorded in 2015 was on the production rate of top quarks. This is a breathtaking achievement.

Scientists on a recent analysis looked for an unexpected number of top quark-antiquark pairs. The data (black dots) clearly favor known physics (red and green areas) and not a prediction of new physics (dashed line). In particle physics things develop pretty rapidly. The top quark was discovered in 1995 at the Fermilab Tevatron using just a few of tens of events taken over a couple of years. Nowadays, top quarks are a lot easier to come by. For instance, at…