Bison tales

If bison could talk …

I used to feed the bison back in the day. We used to have two herds. One was where the current herd lives now, and the other was across the street. For that second herd, there were no trees or anything, so when the bison would shed their winter fur, they would rub against the fence posts to get the old fur off. They could actually destroy a fence. So a co-worker and I had to put up a scratch post, a big post with a big steel cable.

When we started setting up this post, the bison were way in the corner of the field. We’re sitting there working, and all of the sudden we heard this grunt. We look and the bull’s right there. Other bison are surrounding us. And I said to the other guy, “Let’s go.” He said, “Oh, they’re not going to mess with you.” I said, “I know, because I’m leaving. If you want to go, we can go.”

He didn’t want to go, so I got in the truck and left. They didn’t mess with him.

I’d seen how young bulls behaved before. Once a guy had left a tractor idling as we were going to lunch. The young bull was disturbed by it, and he kept charging it, and he finally hit it. He popped that tractor tire like it was a balloon. He almost knocked it over.