Amanda Early, Fermilab education program leader, selected STEP UP ambassador

Amanda Early

Fermilab Education Program Leader Amanda Early has been selected to be an ambassador for the STEP UP Program, which is offered by the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, Florida International University and the National Science Foundation.

STEP UP ambassadors are high school physics teachers that train others on how to effectively reduce barriers for women in physics.

The goals of STEP UP are to mobilize thousands of physics teachers to help engage young women in physics; change deep-seated cultural views about physicists; and inspire young women to pursue physics in college. STEP UP estimates that ambassadors will achieve these goals if each teacher in the program inspires at least one young woman into studying physics each year.

Early is one of 79 ambassadors chosen for the 2020-21 cohort. Once she completes the STEP UP training and curriculum, she will work with lead ambassadors to train area physics teachers on implementing the STEP UP program in their classrooms.

Fermilab education and outreach programs are supported by the DOE Office of Science.

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