From New Scientist: Join Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln on April 4 for a presentation on Fermilab: Solving the Mysteries of Matter and Energy, Space and Time. Here he will explain how America’s flagship particle physics facility has taught us so much about our universe and how it works. Pre-registration is required.

From the Daily Herald, March 15, 2023: Fermilab’s Mr. Freeze recently presented at an Addison Elementary District junior high school at its its annual Science Fun Night. Jerry Zimmerman, otherwise known as “Mr. Freeze,” demonstrated his infamous cryogenic experiment for a gymnasium full of families, teachers and students.

From the Kane County Magazine, February 2023: Kane County Magazine speaks with Fermilab’s Rebecca Thompson, head of education and public engagement, and senior scientist Don Lincoln on their passion for science and the curiosity that led them to Fermilab. The story, “For the love of science” begins on page 40.

Do you have an interest in helping Hispanic/Latinx students from area colleges learn more about careers in science? If so, the group Vamos a Fermilab wants you. As discussed HERE, Vamos a Fermilab (Let’s go to Fermilab) is a DOE-funded outreach program designed to attract a more diverse spectrum of applicants to WDTS’s Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships program, Community College Internships program, and the Office of Science Graduate Student Research program. Vamos a Fermilab is seeking volunteers to mentor Hispanic…

From the Daily Herald, October 17, 2021: The Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series will continues with a virtual program titled, “Eat the Invaders: Can Harvesting Introduced Species Reduce Their Impact?” presented Dr. Joe Roman of the University of Vermont on November 19.

A woman with long wavy brown hair wearing a black T-shirt holds a banana in one hand. She is in front of a turquoise gradient background with question marks on it. In the lower left corner is an illustration of a banana. Across the middle the text "Viewer Questions!"

Fermilab scientist Kirsty Duffy responds to some of the many wonderful questions viewers have left in the comments. Plus, a guest visit from fellow Fermilab science communicator Don Lincoln.

A cartoon of a hand dropping a mic. "Physics Slam" is written in stylized orange to the right of the illustration. Fermilab logo runs across the bottom.

In the 2021 Fermilab Physics Slam, each contender had 10 minutes to present their topic in the most interesting way possible. This annual favorite was presented in a new, virtual format, with a Zoom audience choosing the Physics Slam Champion.