Three students awarded DOE Graduate Student Research Fellowships

Three students have received the prestigious U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Fellowships to conduct their research at Fermilab. DOE awarded these fellowships to 44 students from U.S. universities. The Fermilab recipients:

Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson, Illinois Institute of Technology

Research project:  Development of a Scalable Quantum Controller for Qubit Readout Using FPGAs

Fermilab advisor: Silvia Zorzetti

John “Jack” Smedley

John Smedley, University of Rochester

Research project: Measurement of the Differential Charged-Current Muon Neutrino Cross Section on Liquid Argon via the NuMI Beam and ICARUS

Fermilab advisor: Minerba Betancourt

Shreya Sutariya

Shreya Sutariya, University of Chicago

Research project: A Novel Approach to Bandpass Calibration of Detectors for CMB-S4

Fermilab advisor: Sara Simon