Travel is part of doing business, and as members of the country’s lead laboratory in high-energy physics, many of us will always need to have face-to-face meetings abroad. However, with lab employees logging nearly 14 million miles in airplane trips each year, we should consider videoconferencing and remote meeting attendance anytime we can.

When you walk into the Feynman Computing Center data center, you can immediately sense the large amounts of energy running the machines. In the continuous effort to be more environmentally friendly and to improve our data center operations, the Computing Facilities team took on multiple projects this year that increased the reliability, enhanced the energy efficiency and reduced the cost of running our data centers.

With the imminent arrival of mass-market, long-range electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, the electric vehicle is becoming a mainstream subject around water coolers and during coffee breaks.

The Fermilab Electric Vehicle Club will host an electric vehicle car show on Friday, Sept. 23, from 3-4 p.m. It will take place on the Users Center parking lot in the Village. You have so many questions, now is the chance you can talk to your fellow Fermilab employees and see various electric vehicles up close and personnel. Our EV club members are showing their beloved electric vehicles. If you ask nicely, you may be able to ride in the…

This week you can hike around the Fermilab site with an avian expert, learn about the butterflies and wildlflowers in nearby woods, and participate in this year’s Earth Week Fair in the Wilson Hall atrium. Learn how you can be a better steward for the Earth.