From UChicago News, October 26, 2022: The University of Chicago announced a new $148 million fellowship initiative that will train the next generation of scientists combining research in AI and science fields, including physics, astronomy and biology. The fellowship will begin in January 2023 and include Fermilab, Argonne, UChicago Data Science Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

National Medal of Science Recipient Sylvester James “Jim” Gates, Jr. has published multiple papers on theoretical physics with undergraduate and high school students.

From Queen Mary University of London, April 26, 2021: Fermilab scientist Dr. Kirsty Duffy was awarded the Ernest Rutherford Fellowship from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to establish a new research group working on MicroBooNE at Queen Mary University of London. Duffy will continue to host the Even Bananas video series which explores neutrinos until the end of the year.

A new fellowship created by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will provide engineering students in underrepresented groups in STEM immersive learning experiences on world-leading particle accelerator projects at Fermilab, starting with the new PIP-II accelerator that will power the world’s most intense neutrino beam. Applications for 2022 open September 2021.