Excavation of massive caverns for Fermilab’s DUNE detector completed

Physicists from the University of Texas at Arlington will build portions of the first two far detectors to be installed at the South Dakota site fro DUNE. Having been part of the collaboration since its earliest stages, UTA physicists also assisted in the construction of prototype detectors at CERN.

Mischa Zupko, the 2024 guest composer at Fermilab, will work with Fermilab scientists to create musical interpretations of projects like the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. He will use actual mathematical models to create his compositions and plans to use the scientific model as the basis for the music.

First components for DUNE experiment in Lead

The first components for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment have arrived in Lead, SD. Starting this spring the LBNF/DUNE project team and officials at the Sanford Underground Research Facility will begin tests to ensure cryostats for the experiment can be safely lowered down the Ross Shaft.

U.S. unveils 10-year strategy for particle physics

The P5 panel’s recent report identified several critical areas in cosmic evolution, neutrinos and dark matter where next-generation facilities could make a dramatic impact, including Fermilab.

The recent report published by the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel highlights the important role that Sanford Underground Research Facility plays in the advancement of U.S. particles physics and its support of the DUNE project. The P5 report recommends continued support for DUNE and funding for expansion of research space at SURF that will enable the U.S. to be an international host for neutrino and dark matter experiments.

CBS News Chicago spoke with a current P5 member who is a professor at the University of Chicago about the 2023 report for federal funding agencies on what should be constructed to advance particle physics research over the next 10 years. Recommendations include a powerful new particle accelerator at Fermilab, a telescope to observe the oldest light in the universe, and research to learn more about mysteries such as dark matter.