From the CERN Courier, November 7, 2022: Fermilab’s Joel Butler and a group of scientists describe the recent ‘Snowmass’ community planning exercise in Seattle, Washington which reveal the great opportunities present in high-energy physics in the coming decades.

NIU engineering students (from left) Caeden Keith, Stefan Nyholm and Svilen Batchkarov pose with their project and professor Tariq Shamim at NIU’s Senior Design Day on May 6. The team built a full-scale (10m long) mockup of PIP-II’s HB650 cryomodule for use fit checking and preparing test stand and accelerator locations for the real cryomodule.

On May 5, Ben Hanson and Steve Dixon of PIP-II led a group of Fermilab Young Professionals through the PIP-II Cryogenic Plant Building to see the state of construction and explore the spaces that will house the PIP-II cryoplant.