From Gizmodo, Feb. 25, 2016: Physicists from the DZero collaboration have announced the discovery of a new particle, believed to be part of an exotic family called “tetraquarks.”

The DZero experiment will present a special Wine and Cheese seminar, “Observation of a new resonance state in the Bs pi system” this Thursday, Feb. 25, at 4 p.m. in One West. The seminar will be video streamed at and the slides will be posted at Mark your calendar to attend!

Protons have parts that, as mentioned in previous columns, have the not terribly imaginative name of “partons.”

Determining the precise details of how the strong nuclear force assembles quarks into hadrons is not always easy. Disponible en español Method A: 3 quarks chromodynamic glue Step 1. Glue the quarks together. Step 2. Voila! Method A will produce a baryon; most of your more massive hadrons are baryons. The type of baryon will be determined in part by the flavor of the quarks used and how the quarks are aligned. For example, if you have glued together one…