A construction site in front of a 16-story building. A yellow crane near the center of the photo telescopes up. The structure is made of many steel beams. The ground is sandy. In the foreground, orange cones with orange and white tape bar off the site. In the background, a blue sky with white clouds.

Here, structural steel is being erected for the new Integrated Engineering Research Center, or IERC, building. In April 2021, the IERC team completed the steel structure for the new building.

Beginning Monday, April 26 through November 30, the Wilson Hall atrium-level restrooms will be closed to make way for the new Integrated Engineering Research Center crossover. There will be signage directing people to the three restrooms on the ground floor and the two restrooms on the second floor. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we build the lab’s future.

Construction work in Wilson Hall as part of the Integrated Engineering Research Center project is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, April 26. This will include portions of the ground floor near the east entrance and portions of the atrium level including the restrooms, One East conference room, Office of Communication suite, small dining room and vending area. Note that the existing atrium restrooms will be taken out of service at this time while the new restrooms are constructed. Work…

From ENR, Jan. 18, 2021: The upcoming two-story Integrated Engineering Research Center will provide Fermilab staff and users with highly modular, flexible working environment. In its plan, the architecture team sought to maximize flexibility for wherever science may take particle physics over the next 50 years.

From Building, Design and Construction, Sept. 14, 2020: This fall, construction is scheduled to begin on the Integrated Engineering Research Center, an 85,000-square-foot infrastructure project at Fermilab. Lots of natural light and hybrid labs will distinguish the new center.