All Fermilab badged employees can now access the common areas, conference rooms and hallways of the new Integrated Engineering Research Center, or IERC. The IERC will centralize engineers and technicians near Wilson Hall to increase collaboration. There will be workspaces on the ground floor dedicated to scientific equipment and only people who have designated access to these rooms can enter the spaces. These scientific spaces will include clean room space, a testing facility for LBNF/DUNE on the far north end,…

From the Daily Herald, April 13, 2023: Yesterday, Fermilab celebrated the opening of the Integrated Engineering Research Center, the ribbon-cutting of the Proton Improvement Plan-II cryoplant building and the groundbreaking for the PIP-II accelerator. Joined by DOE officials, international dignitaries, Gov. Pritzker, Illinois Congressmen and local officials, Fermilab’s director Lia Merminga proudly remarked, with these new research facilities, Fermilab will be universally acknowledged as the world leader in neutrino science for years to come.

On April 13, Fermilab will celebrate the completion of the IERC building, the completion of the PIP-II cryogenic plant building, and the groundbreaking for the PIP-II accelerator building and tunnel. All Fermilab-badged employees, users and affiliates are invited to join the “Building Fermilab’s Future” ceremony on Thursday, April 13 at 11:30 a.m. via a viewing in Ramsey Auditorium, followed by an all-hands reception in the Wilson Hall atrium. The ceremony will be streamed live via Zoom (Services login required).