Muon g-2

Top 7 innovation stories of 2023 — Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering lists the top seven amazing innovations that pushed the boundaries of science and technology in 2023. Included in this line up is the latest announcement from the Muon g-2 collaboration with more evidence of a new force of nature that could revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

Scientists say: muon

Fermilab research and announcements have helped promote the mystery of muons by studying how they wobble as they move through the magnetic ring. With science announcements in 2021 and 2023, science interested readers are wanting to learn more about the heavy cousins of electrons that are constantly raining down on Earth’s surface.

The University of Liverpool is addressing the most fundamental research questions in physics – leading and influencing global discovery driven scientific efforts to advance our understanding and description of nature. Fermilab is included in this video about pioneering precision and neutrino physics experiments, including the Muon g-2 experiment and commentary by Professors Graziano Venanzoni, Muon g-2 co-spokesperson.

From RTS (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation), Sept. 7, 2023: Fermilab’s August 10 announcement indicated the muon does not behave as theory predicts. Professor Tobias Golling, from the particle physics department at the University of Geneva, explains in a video that there are two possibilities to explain the observed discrepancy.