Standard Model

From Popular Science, August 17, 2023: Breaking the Standard Model would be one of the biggest moments in particle physics history. The Muon g-2 collaboration reported that the muon doesn’t always look like physicists expect it to look, but the collaboration isn’t done. Once they analyze all the remaining data, physicists believe they can make their g minus 2 estimate twice as precise again.

From Big Think, Feb. 15, 2023: The Standard Model of Physics has been challenged by the Muon g-2 and W-boson measurements. Don Lincoln discusses a recent paper in the journal Nature Communications that attempted to resolve two significant discrepancies in particle physics.

For decades, scientists have tried to find a way to measure the mass of the lightest matter particle known to exist. Three new approaches now have a chance to succeed.

From Big Think, Jan. 10, 2023: While the Standard Model is the best theory available in modern physics to explain subatomic physics, it cannot explain why antimatter isn’t observed in nature or provide an explanation for dark matter and dark energy. Don Lincoln explains how recent measurements of muons and electrons are propelling the idea that there may be undiscovered laws of nature yet to discover.