For DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson, the exciting thing about neutrinos is the possibility of seeing small effects from the differences between neutrinos and antineutrinos, which could point to why the universe is dominated by matter.

Our planned flagship long-baseline neutrino experiment, LBNF/DUNE, is predicated on Fermilab being host to the international neutrino community in a manner similar to how CERN hosts the ATLAS and CMS experiments. This CERN model of international cooperation has been very successful. Learn about some of the ongoing efforts to internationalize Fermilab and our neutrino program through this column and video.

NOvA announces its first cross section measurement, the probability than an electron neutrino interacts with the protons and neutrons inside the NOvA near detector. The measurement draws on the largest data set in the electron neutrino energy region from 1 GeV to 3 GeV.

Why I Love Neutrinos is a series spotlighting those abundant, ghostly particles that are all around us. This installment features Mike Headley, far site facilities project manager for LBNF.