ICARUS detector scheduled to arrive at Fermilab today

After a six-week journey from CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, the ICARUS detector is expected to arrive at Fermilab late afternoon today, July 26. Follow the Fermilab Twitter account for updates.

Employees and users will be able to view the detector from the bike path along Pine Street (see map below). Vehicle traffic on the neutrino campus and parking along Kautz Road will be prohibited on Wednesday afternoon, July 26, and Thursday morning, July 27, but you are welcome to park in the Lederman Science Center parking lot and walk the short distance to the bike path.

The 120-ton ICARUS detector will be located outside of the Short-Baseline Neutrino Far Detector building for the next couple of months until it is installed inside the new ICARUS building. It will then be filled with 760 tons of liquid argon to begin the search for sterile neutrinos.

The ICARUS experiment represents the international nature of particle physics and the cooperation that exists between the world’s physics laboratories. The detector began its scientific life at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics’ Gran Sasso National Laboratory in 2010 and was shipped to CERN in 2014, where it has been upgraded and refurbished. For more information on the ICARUS detector and its passage to Fermilab, please see the June 6 article “Follow the fantastic voyage of the ICARUS neutrino detector”.