The conveyor belt taking the rocks from the crusher to the Open Cut passes close to the town of Lead, South Dakota. Image: Fermilab

Fermilab contractors have successfully commissioned a system that will move 800,000 tons of rock to create space for the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment’s detectors in South Dakota. Excavation crews will transport the rock from a mile underground to the surface using refurbished mining infrastructure and the newly constructed conveyor system.

Let’s talk about some of the largest explosions in the universe: supernovae. Join Fermilab scientists Dr. Kirsty Duffy and Dr. Anne Schukraft to find out more about exploding stars, tiny particles and the SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS).

Dr. Kirsty Duffy talks about how we can see the invisible with detectors. She shares the bizarre story of the first neutrino detector: Project Poltergeist. Plus, MicroBooNE scientist Katrina Miller shows us the materials used to build modern detectors — and what scientists see when a neutrino finally says hello.

From Yale University, March 4, 2021: Fermilab scientist Antonio Ereditato has joined Yale University as a visiting professor in physics for a 3-year joint appointment between Yale and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He has accomplished several research and development (R&D) studies and his research at Yale will focus on experimental neutrino physics.


Gonzalez puts the module in a case. people, detector, Brookhaven National Laboratory Photo: Leticia Shaddix

In February 2021, senior operations specialist Humberto “Bert” Gonzalez and technical specialist Gary Teafoe work with the STAR detector.

The Detector R&D group is calling for proposals to receive KA25 seed funds for new ideas in certain strategic R&D areas. The purpose of this program, initiated last year, is to attract new ideas and new Fermilab PIs to the KA25 Detector R&D portfolio. If successful, these seed funds could be used to achieve a demonstrator in order to obtain larger funds for a more extended R&D program in the future, such as from LDRD, ECA, etc. Deadline is March…