accelerator applications

From Loma Linda University Health News, Sept. 17, 2020: The James M. Slater, MD, Proton Treatment & Research Center at Loma Linda University Cancer Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Slater began working Fermilab in 1986 to plan the proton synchrotron and center, which resulted in the construction of one of the most complex pieces of medical equipment ever built.

Researchers at CERN are investigating how very high-energy electrons could help target tumors. The possibility of using high-energy electrons for cancer treatment combined with new experimental dose-delivery techniques poises the medical field for a revolution in cancer treatment.

Billions of people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. It’s an issue raised by the United Nations through World Water Day, March 22, a UN observance day to promote the importance of fresh water. A team at the Illinois Accelerator Research Center is pursuing a promising method for cleaning wastewater using electron beam technology.