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From Quanta Magazine, Oct. 22, 2020: Quanta Magazine creates a new visual representation of the Standard Model, building on a scheme developed by Fermilab scientist Chris Quigg.

Three physicists share their experiences learning and communicating physics in a foreign language: English. Because of English’s hegemony in science and the world, aspiring scientists in non-English-speaking countries must learn English in school to pursue a career in science. In some cases, science classes are even taught entirely in English.

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It’s Fermilab’s 2019 Physics Slam! Five contestants get 10 minutes each to present their topic in the most interesting way possible as they compete for the title of Slam Champion. This year’s competition featured slams on neutrinos, science history, PIP-II and a personal journey in science.

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Growing up in South Africa, the first language that science writer Sibusiso Biyela learned was Zulu, the most common mother tongue in the country. But the scientific content he consumed as a child—movies, cartoons and documentaries—was in English. Biyela aims to bring science back to South Africa’s Zulu communities.

Posts on Fermilab at Work will continue between now and the new year: Announcements and classifieds will be posted as usual on days the lab is open: every weekday excluding Dec. 24, Dec. 25, Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 The publication of news stories, such as features and columns, will be suspended after Dec. 21 and resume on Jan. 2. The final 2018 issue of Fermilab This Week will be published on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The first 2019 issue will…

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