From WGN9, May 27, 2020: Fermilab scientist Jen Raaf is featured in this four-minute segment on the Mechanical Ventilator Milano, which arrived to Chicago’s Stroger Hospital last week from Italy. Physicists have been troubleshooting the design at the hospital.

From University of Cincinnati News, May 26, 2020: Fermilab physicist and UC alumna Jennifer Raaf is part of an international team of scientists and engineers who won federal regulatory approvals for a simple ventilator that could be produced quickly with common parts.

From Company News HQ, May 18, 2020: The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is collaborating with organizations worldwide to develop, assemble and test innovative emergency ventilators to help provide relief to patients suffering from the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These include the Mechanical Ventilator Milano, a ventilator designed through an international collaboration of physicists, including Fermilab scientists, and government and industry partners.

From Industrial Equipment News, May 15, 2020: It’s an open-source ventilator made with off-the-shelf parts designed by the particle physics community.

From NCTV17, May 12, 2020: Fermilab scientists Jen Raaf and Liz Sexton-Kennedy appear in this three-minute segment on the worldwide project to help build a simplified ventilator in the fight against COVID-19, the Mechanical Ventilator Milano.

From WBBM Newsradio: May 7, 2020: Fermilab scientist Stephen Brice is featured in this piece on a new, simple ventilator that has received FDA approval. The ventilator that was created by scientists from several countries, including more than a dozen Fermilab scientists. The Mechanical Ventilator Milano was inspired by a device built in the 1960s.