Planck scale

From, Feb. 16, 2021: Though the findings from the Holometer mean that, for now, scientists still haven’t found a way to solve general relativity with quantum mechanics, its design and the research it enabled will shape future efforts to prove the intersection of relativity and quantum mechanics at Planck scales.

Fermilab scientist and University of Chicago professor of astronomy and astrophysics Craig Hogan gives perspective on how the Holometer program aims at a tiny scale — the Planck scale — to help answer one of the universe’s most basic questions: Why does everything appear to happen at definite times and places? He contextualizes the results and offers optimism for future researchers.

A reasonable question of physics is whether there is a smallest possible size and shortest duration. Some scientists have claimed that there are: the Planck length and Planck time. In the 20th episode of Subatomic Stories, Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln explains the truth of the Planck constants. It’s not what you think.